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MOBILE APPLICATION can be divided into 3 types.

1.Native Application

Application developed with Library (Library) or SDK (SDK) is a tool for developing programs or applications of OS Mobile (OS Mobile), especially Android ( Android) uses Android SDK, IOS uses Objective c, Windows Phone uses C#, etc.

2.Hybrid Application

Application that has been developed with the purpose of being able to Runs on every operating system, using the framework to help in order to work on all operating systems.

3.Web Application

Application that was written to be a Browser for using various web pages. is adjusted to display only the necessary parts. In order to reduce the processing resources of the smartphone or tablet, which makes the page load faster. And users can also use the internet and intranet at low speed as well.

For the application of Mobile Application, it will be applied to all businesses and organizations that are happening today. as well as to meet the needs of users to be more convenient to use via smartphones as possible

- Mobile Application for Real Estate : about real estate Used to store customer information, reservations, sales, etc.

- Mobile Application for Tourism: about tourism, hotels, tour companies, can view reservation information Including the MICE group that can create a system for registration, payment, information for meetings, seminars, exhibitions.

- Mobile Application for Reataurant : About restaurants The restaurant is a presentation of the menu in a modern style. with advanced technology

- Mobile Application for Retail or Wholesale: about selling products and services in the form of retail and wholesale. or selling through agents, salespeople, etc.

- Mobile Application for Education : about education educational institutions, libraries, training centers, teaching materials, etc.

- Learning Management System Mobile Application for Healthcare : related to medical, public health, remote consultation

- Mobile Application for Logistics, Mobile Application for Government : about the agency presentation information Activities of various departments To have a more modern and attractive style

- Build a Mobile Application

- Get a website

- Making various platforms

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