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SmartKey and Orange Revolutionize the Blockchain of Thing (BOT)

As technology advances We use innovation more and more. to facilitate our daily activities Poland's largest telecom operator's partnership with innovative BoT (Blockchain of Things) service providers improves the standards of our daily lives. By using SmartKey technology, Orange's Live Objects platform eliminates all the problems that arise when using our devices.

ORANGE POLSKA is the largest telecom operator in Poland. Serving 14.36 million customers and leading M2M, the company plays an important role in digitizing the country by adopting innovative technologies nationally. Thanks to SmartKey, Orange Live Objects is the leader in integrating the cities of the future in BIoT (Blockchain IoT) Model This platform covers the core functions of IoT (Internet of Things) projects and allows us to manage connected devices using blockchain of decentralized applications (dApps).

- IoT solutions in more than 2000 cities around the world

- More than 2 million SIM card operators for M2M Internet of Things solutions

- 266 million users worldwide

SMARTKEY is an international universal communications standard (comparable to Bluetooth) that integrates IoT devices. By enrolling a device with an orange SIM card in the blockchain network, SmartKey-generated NFTs can be created and distributed and use SmartKey connector technology across all Live Objects functionality.

SMARTKEY and ORANGE cooperation begins in Poland. Headquartered at SmartKey, the partnership will then roll out worldwide. More than 2000 cities are included on the platform. The unique integration of Orange's global Live Objects IoT platform and SmartKey technology (also known as Orange BIoT SIM by SmartKey) will be implemented in SmartCity worldwide.

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