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Web & Mobile App


We develop and customize both websites and applications to maximize the benefit of our clients. Our developers love testing, code reviews. We assure you will get the high-quality products.

What will you get

     Online platforms are one of the biggest markets in the world right now. Many big companies build their own websites and applications to gain more customer engagement and to grow their business. Senna Labs has built MVP features and we are also using an agile and robot framework to complete the process. The world is moving fast but we are the fastest web & app maker!

The technology that we use

List of languages we use
Ruby, C#, Javascript, Python, PHP

Technology we support
(mobile app, website, profile website with cms, integration, custom app for internal use)

We write automated tests

Why work with us

PTMO helps create your website and application from nothing to everything. We have a great combination of design, development and management team that will help you enhance the best platform to fit your business needs!

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