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Market  Surveillance

Crypto Surveillance for Market Manipulation

Nasdaq Market Surveillance for Crypto Exchanges merges state of the art technology with a deep understanding of what it takes to ensure a high integrity marketplace and crypto-forward surveillance strategy.


Key Features

Market Surveillance for Crypto Exchanges provides real-time, 24/7 monitoring of up to 60B transactions per day

  • Currency pairs trading and fractional volumes trading

  • Manipulation, market operations and market maker alerts with case-management

  • Derivatives specific visualizations and alerts

  • Full depth order book visual replay and reconstruction

  • 5+ years historical data always available 

transactions per day


of wash trading is

prevalent in all transactions


Countering the Threat

The importance of maintaining market integrity

Manipulation undermines the fairness and efficiency of cryptocurrency markets. All participants should have an equal opportunity to participate, and if they do not trust the prices, they will not trade causing investors and an array of other stakeholders to suffer.

Top 3 Behaviors to Monitor in Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Wash Trading

When a trader excessively buys and sells securities in order to feed misleading information into the market and generate false volumes. Often focused on instruments that are traded less or by smaller trading platforms looking to attract attention.

Layering & Spoofing

When a trader places orders to give misleading indication of supply and demand, with no intention of trading.

Pump & Dump

When a trader attempts to increase the price through buying activity or misleading information. Normally the trader has an existing position which they sell at the higher price.

Cryptocurrency Regulation Around the World 

Cryptocurrencies are maturing and becoming more mainstream. Trading has become faster, volumes have grown, and volatility is excessive at times. Regulators do not want to stunt innovation, and some recognize that cryptocurrencies could play a role in economic development. To this end, they have been working diligently over the last few years to create a legal framework that is modern and accommodative but also prudent.

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10+ Crypto Exchanges Leverage Nasdaq Market Surveillance

We understand the unique requirements of this industry and are at the forefront of regulatory changes and how we can best equip your firm to detect and prevent market manipulation.

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