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Choosing Website Name

Before we decide to open a website whether to provide information services. Or to sell preliminary products, we need to understand the domain name (Domain name). How important is this?

A domain name is a "website name" such as A domain name is like a shop sign for a store owner. what's the name of your shop and can tell what business or product it is Domain name has many surnames, but mainly domain surnames are divided into 2 types:

1.TLDs (Top level domains) are international domain surnames. Classified as follows

.com most popular Suitable for commercial, company or corporate websites.

.net is commonly used to make websites about computer networks. or internet service website

.org is great for corporate websites. non-profit charitable associations

.info is suitable for websites that want to provide various information.

.biz is suitable for corporate, company, partnership and corporate websites similar to .com.

2.ccTLDs (Country code top level domains) Domain extensions of each country Classified as follows

Thailand is for companies and partnerships registered as juristic persons and located in Thailand only. is used for Thai government agencies, including the Subdistrict Administration Organization, Provincial Administration Organization, Municipality. is for educational institutions registered in Thailand. is used for all types of agencies. and guests is used for agencies, organizations, foundations located in Thailand and does not expect business returns. Network business organization/organization located in Thailand military agency

The most popular extension is .com because it is the most universal and easy to remember. If you want to have your own domain name must first check that Has the domain name you want to use has been reserved? You can check the name you want on a website such as We have to modify the new domain name to be as close to the product as possible. If we delay, the domain name we want may be registered by someone else.

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