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What is a domain name?

A domain name is a name used to enter a computer. to search in the system Domain Name System, to identify the IP address of a given name, is the name a registrant provides to users to access their website. Sometimes we may use a "website address" or "Web Address" instead

Domain name or domain name is a name that is set up to be easy to remember. Because IP addresses are difficult to remember. and when the website owner changes the IP address The user does not need to recognize or remember the new IP address. You can still use the same domain name.

Domain usage In general, domains are used for two purposes:

1. Website : Let the domain name be the entrance to the website.

2.Email : Used as an email address, for example

Terms of setting up domain names The characters to use in a domain name are English letters, numbers, and a "-" (hyphen), separated by a "." (period). They range from 1 to 63 characters long, uppercase letters AZ, or uppercase letters. small considered the same

When you bring a domain name and set DNS to your hosting (and the hosting has to accept the domain name pointed in) you will be able to access the website through the domain name. But if you don't have a domain You will have to access the website through an IP number. of web hosting instead, such as etc.


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