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Advantages for using a Mobile App

Nowadays, Smart Phones and Tablets play an increasingly important role in human life and Mobile Application is an important part that makes Smart Phone and Tablet users access various media more easily.

At present, people who run businesses, whether large or small, are interested in developing a Mobile Application to serve as another channel for advertising. public relations including contacting their customers such as

- Tourism and Travel Business Group has organized a Mobile App, a system to recommend tourist attractions. Hotel recommendations and hotel reservations There is a system for booking bus tickets. flight ticket including check-in

- Business for Education There are publicity advertisements. teaching materials trading exchange of knowledge Trade and Fashion Business Group There is a trading system, exchanging goods, etc.

This is to bring benefits to service providers and consumers as follows:

service provider

- various business groups both large and small There are tools for public relations. own business Make it more known in society

- Reduce the cost of producing media for advertising and public relations

- Increase the image of the shop to look good, have strong points, have a clear selling point, resulting in increased sales of the business.

- Have a better customer service relationship

- Reduce workflow Make contacting various tasks more convenient

consumer side

- Reduce steps and save time In contacting various transactions such as wanting to transfer money for products, you can use Mobile App to do financial transactions

- There are various options. Can compare quality and price without having to go out to explore the price of the product that we want to waste time.

- Save the cost of going out to buy products and services

- Reduce travel time, calculate time, find routes or suggest avoiding routes with traffic congestion.

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