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Things that should be prepared before making a website!!!

Things that should be prepared before making a website

You need to understand first what this website actually is for. Because a website is another online PR tool. or to identify yourself in the online world Each website has Different objectives So we have to ask ourselves first, what are we going to make a website for? What do you want to communicate to the online world to know who we are?

Items to prepare before making a website

1. Product analysis or their own services first in order to be able to clearly identify what the identity of the website is What are the advantages?

2. Logo (Brand Identity) is used to make it easier to remember for users and readers


3. Place the position of the image (Brand Position), which is very important here. because it depends on the target market and what we want to be in the future

4. Think of a domain name (Domain) to be registered. There should be a relationship related to Brand and/or products, services. In order to make website search to our website more accessible.

5. Prepare content (Content) for posting on the website. because the website must have substance Content that describes the product service, service agreement corporate history and samples of past work which, if not prepared for this Probably won't be able to make a website out completely.

6. Pictures related to the service product, organization to make it look interesting more readable I would like to suggest that you should use quality pictures. The file size should not be larger than 1-2Mb. But the size of the image should not be too small. and must not violate copyright

7. Sitemap This is very important to arrange the content on each page. That there will be before after and will link from which page to which page. to make website visitors easily accessible And it's not so complicated that you can't find it.

8. The way to contact me (Contact) if in the past would have only phone numbers. E-mail? But nowadays there are social world involved since Line, Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter. So it is necessary to plan carefully to see who will take care of you after publishing the contact channel. And if there is no way to contact at all The website is probably not useful at all. because if the audience is interested But I don't know how to contact you, is it true!!!

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