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What are the Top Blockchain Development Tools in 2021?

Grand View Research reveals that the size of the blockchain technology market will grow to $20 billion a year by the end of 2024. As bitcoin has been so successful, every industry now needs a blockchain solution for running a business. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for blockchain specialists who are highly valued experts in the market. With the increasing use of blockchain technology, the number of new blockchain development tools has also increased. Blockchain tools improve the blockchain development process and enhance domain knowledge.

Here are some blockchain development tools that can help you build scalable blockchain solutions:


Geth is an Ethereum node implementation developed using the Go programming language. It is found in three interfaces: JSON-RPC server, interactive console, and command line. It can be used for blockchain development on major operating systems such as Mac, Linux and Windows.

Geth is used on the Ethereum Blockchain for a variety of tasks including token transfer, Ether token generation, smart contract writing, and block history exploration. Once Geth is installed, you can create your own blockchain or connect it. with the existing blockchain


Solc is a Solidity command-line compiler written in the C++ programming language. Its purpose is to convert Solidity scripts into a readable format for the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Solidity is a loosely typed language with a syntax similar to Javascript and written smart contracts are converted to a format that the EVM can read and decode.


Remix IDE is a browser-based blockchain tool for creating and deploying smart contracts. This tool is written in Javascript and is used for writing, debugging, testing, and deploying smart contracts written in Solidity. It can be used either in the browser or locally.


Truffle is an Ethereum Blockchain framework built to create a development environment for developing Ethereum-based applications. It comes with a large library that offers custom implementations for writing smart contracts, Develop Ethereum dApps and deal with the requirements of blockchain development. Contract testing can be automated using Mocha and Chai. A pipeline is also configurable for running custom procedures.


Metamask is a built-in wallet that acts as a bridge between the browser and the Ethereum blockchain, acts as a browser extension and provides a software platform for you to use Ether and its other assets. ERC-20 while allowing you to interact with Ethereum dApps.

It can be linked with Coinbase and Shapeshift to buy and sell ERC20 and ETH tokens. As it can interact with different Ethereum test networks, it is an ideal wallet for blockchain developers.

Blockchain Testnet

Using blockchain testnet, you can test dApps before they are published. Since each solution blockchain has a unique testnet, you should use dedicated testnet for best results. There are three types of blockchain tests - public test, private test, and ganache CLI. Testnets are very important because they allow you to test dApps for errors and glitches without spending a lot of resources or cash.

The tools mentioned above are the top blockchain development tools that every blockchain developer should know. If you are planning to build a blockchain solution, consider hiring a blockchain development company with a team of developers who understand how the above blockchain tools work.

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